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Greetings fellow seekers! As our pale blue dot continues its widdershins dance round the sun, we march steadily closer to Nashville’s most dearly devoted psychedelic festival, FAR OUT 333! Excitement mounts and good tidings abounds so gather round and let us share what’s new since last transmission, shall we?

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A super collab of sorts, with members wrung from Sudonistas, Bad Cop and The Ascent of Everest, Lawndry washes your brain with a variety of fuzzy smooth and trippin' grooves, thought provoking talk-singing, and percussion for days (get ready for some serious wind chime action). Come get clean with them at Nashville's first psych fest, Far Out Nashville, on Saturday June 17th at 6:30pm at the East Room. 

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On May 18, 2017 the backyard of Fond Object transformed into a immersive psychedelic dreamscape. As the sun started it's descent in East Nashville, local musicians gathered on the floors of the old house, draped in fabrics, incense, and liquid light projections. The hour long freeform drone session included mind-bending echoes of synths, singing bowls, a harp, guitars, and a didgeridoo, to name a few. After the soundbath, the Ra-praising Golden Dawn Arkestra marched through the crowd of local cosmonauts and landed on stage for their out of this world performance. We couldn't think of a better way to prepare for the psychfest that is Far Out Nashville.

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