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Greetings fellow seekers! As our pale blue dot continues its widdershins dance round the sun, we march steadily closer to Nashville’s most dearly devoted psychedelic festival, FAR OUT 333! Excitement mounts and good tidings abound so gather round and let us share what’s new since last transmission, shall we?

We’ve revealed the lineup for this year’s FAR OUT FILM FEST! Join us June 20 for twenty-two psychedelic cinematic delights at the Belcourt Theatre, tickets in the link!

And now has come high time to share with you the final lineup and set times for the festival! The doors of Little Harpeth Brewing will open at 6:00 PM both evenings to receive our hungry solstice souls, welcomed in at 7pm on Friday by Nordista Freeze to our Opening Ceremony! Last year we were treated to a dronebath, led by Jo-Jo Jackson, in which a group of musicians raised our vibrations to that primordial frequency, the initial sound, OHM. This year we’ll have a special ceremony in store to expand our collective conscious (and/or unconscious) even further out, not to mention our mysterious closing ceremony at the end of Saturday… and so hereinafter are those times, plan your trip accordingly-

7:00 Welcome w/ Nordista Freeze
7:10 Elon Musk
8:00 Supermelt
8:45 Black Moon Mother
9:30 Suspirians
10:45 Ttotals
12:00 Christian Bland and the Revelators

7:15 TBA
8:00 Black Thumb
8:45 Hans Predator 
9:30 Djin Aquarian
10:45 Psychotic Reaction 
12:00 Kings of the Fucking Sea

A psyched out spectacle for the ages, be sure to get your tickets and RSVP here! And stay tuned for us to share who we have lined up to bliss you out in our ambient tent, as well as who we’ve found to share wisdom and blow minds for the Far Out Oratorium!

And a reminder, we’ve revealed the who’s who of the artists and vendors we’ll be having at the Far Out Market, details here!

We’re pleased to present a special screening of the pilot episode of Matthew Levin’s TRANSLOVE AIRWAVES during the festival on our Yin Stage! An exploration of the intersection of psychedelia and reality, Matthew seeks psychonauts with whom to explore and expand our consciousness- in this case, Simon Boswell, who scored the legendary Alejandro Jodorowsky’s 1989 psychedelic horror film Santa Sangre! A true treat for any seeker of truth, tripper and teetotaler alike!

For those who feel the stars are in their favour, local magickal merchants and Far Out Fest sponsors Draconis Arcanum will be giving away two tickets to one lucky soul brave enough to enter their name in the shoppe’s Goblet of Fire (as it were), located at 214 E Trinity Lane. Drop by their magick shoppe and enter between May 20 and June 3 - no purchase necessary and winner will be announced on the 3rd! May the cosmos bring you fortune. 💫


Lastly, allow us to beam gratitude to our favorite town-criers Nashville Scene for their inclusion of Far Out 333 in their 2019 Summer Guide. This concludes our latest download from Thee Astral Guru…