VELVET CRAYON >>> A Far Out Fest Pre-Show


Polish your threads and ready your mind for the most Far Out week of the year! This Wednesday, May 9th, we kick off Nashville's psychedelic music & arts festival with a basement show -- Join us at Nashville's most underground venue for an evening of sideshow-style entertainment and groovy music. Local acts The Shadowtones and Black Venus will accompany Philadelphia's one-man koala-based band, Velvet Crayon, the brainchild of Erik Paluszak.

Erik is currently traveling the US on a solo tour with his wife. He got his start as an act in the Squidling Brothers Sideshow Circus and developed his own personal flavor of psychedelic noise punk, utilizing a drum machine and guitar. Being confined to his wheelchair (named Llyyddddddddddddd) hasn't stopped Erik from enjoying the adventure that is life and spreading his acid-throttled nursery rhymes throughout the land.

Velvet Crayon is a cocksucking, angry, sentimental cripple out for pedestrian justice, and he’ll get it anyway he can. His songs shimmer with resplendent, fuzzed out crotch-grabbiness, at one moment punching you in your tranquilized puss, and the next humming you to a mummified, tweaking coma of back alley daymares. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll run like hell when this little shitbag takes the stage…but you don’t know what’s good for you, do you? If you did, the Velvet Crayon would have nothing to write songs about.
— – Danby Pryce of Vote Smith
Photo by Albert Cadabra

Photo by Albert Cadabra

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