By nature, psychedelia and the occult are tightly interwoven and at times indistinguishably homogenized. At this intersection, or in this solution, wonderful magic is always made. The tandem rise of psych rock and non-traditional spirituality during the 1960s and 1970s is evidence of the powerful, symbiotic relationship of art and personal development. This year, Nashville's first psych fest Far Out is partnering with East Nashville’s Draconis Arcanum to empower and outfit willing psychonauts with all the tools, materials, and resources essential to navigating the realms of consciousness.


Draconis Arcanum is situated in an unassuming small house on Trinity Lane near Dickerson Rd. It is demarcated from the rest of the neighborhood by only a few hand-painted signs and Loa sigils, which perfectly frame its modest and genuine neighborly atmosphere. Owned and curated by Rebecca Petersen, the small but well-stocked metaphysical emporium breaks the standard of boring euro-centric new-age boutiques by catering to a great variety of different magical practitioners of all backgrounds. Every shelf, table, rack, corner, and usable square inch of the store is packed with the kind of treasure that ignites curiosity and inspires the divine soul in each of us. From rare herbs and ingredients (many of which are handmade by Rebecca herself), myriad tarot decks and divination tools, to books on Thelema and chaos magick, Draconis Arcanum has the right stuff to keep you on the right path; your path. The two rooms that comprise Draconis’ storefront are also frequently opened up to host events which include lectures, classes, and rituals to name a few.  Add to all of this Rebecca’s expertise in a wide range of disciplines and practices and it comes as no surprise that this quirky little shop has become an indispensable resource and second home to locals striving to achieve the loftiest goals of the alchemists or just the daily mystical chores of the folk magician.

We ascribe to the notion that music and art are truly magical and imagine many others feel the same way. Through these mediums, we can truly emancipate ourselves from the cinéma vérité  of mundane, objective reality.  What’s not magical about that?

Psychedelic rock in particular is a potent form of musical alchemy that involves not only the music influencing and moving the listener, but the listener influencing and moving the music in return. 

What we hear is only our personal perception.  The more abstract the sound, the more personal our perception becomes. Music and art help us discover ourselves and we find that magic will do just the same. Visit Rebecca and Draconis Arcanum on Saturday May 12 at our Far Out night market to stock up on your mystical essentials.


Written by Mikey Owen, photos by Kari Ames ~ visit www.draconis-arcanum.com/ to find out more about Rebecca's shop.

Far Out